1. Livestream

    September 30, 2014

    The Livestream will start on this webpage (http://live.pef-world-forum.org) on Wednesday 1st of October 2014, 8.30am (CEST).

    Please note: Only the presentations of this first conference day of the 2nd PEF World Summit will be streamed. You can find the full programme on http://www.pef-world-forum.org/summit/2nd-pef-world-summit/.

    We look forward to sharing the first conference day of the TSC Member Summit & 2nd PEF World Summit with you!

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    The PEF & TSC team


  2. Participants List Leaflet

    Who is attending the 2nd PEF World Summit? Have a look at this year’s Participants Photo Wall or browse through our freshly designed Participants List Leaflet:

  3. Full Programme now available – 2nd PEF World Summit, 1-2 October, Berlin

    September 23, 2014

    We are happy to share with you the full programme of the 2nd PEF World Summit/ TSC Member Summit 2014, taking place in Berlin 1-2 October 2014.

    The 2014 edition of the PEF World Summit will provide:

    • an overview on 1st year of the EU Environmental Footprint pilot process
    • exclusive presentations from the Environmental Footprint pilot groups (including screening results)
    • perspectives by leading international retailers on product sustainability
    • a reality check on sustainability in everyday supply chain operations
    • an outlook on the future of consumer information
    • clarification on the connection between environmental footprinting and trade
    • opinion making discussions on the relation between environmental footprinting and sustainability metrics

    2nd PEF World Summit / TSC Member Summit 2014 Programme

    The final programme is available for download here.

    Early Bird


    Find out who is attending and get more information on the 2nd PEF World Summit here.

  4. Webinar: Consumer Information in EU PEF with Imola Bedo, European Commission

    September 10, 2014

    One of the main aims of the EU Environmental Footprint initiative is to provide a comprehensive tool for environmental product information and allow the consumer to make informed choices. Within the ongoing pilot phase, communication vehicles to convey environmental information (B2B & B2C) are tested for their implementation and evaluated for their effectiveness. Those communication vehicles go far beyond on-pack labelling and include:

    • barcodes,
    • on-shelf information,
    • instruction manuals,
    • consumer receipts,
    • websites and apps,
    • campaigns,
    • sustainability rankings,

    The testing process is starting very soon and is an opportunity to explore new ways of consumer information, that effectively lead to a reduction of environmental impacts of consumption.

    To inform you about this upcoming phase we invited Imola Bedo from the Environmental Footprint Team at DG Environment for a joint webinar:

    Consumer Information
    in the
    EU Environmental Footprint Process & Worldwide

    16 September 2014, 4pm – 5pm CEST


    Imola Bedo, European Commission, DG Environment

    Jan Christian Polanía Giese, PEF World Forum

    Additionally there will be updates about relevant national & international initiatives on environmental consumer information.

    To join this free webinar sign up here.

    We look forward to meet you online!



  5. Share your thoughts: Do we really need PEF?

    September 8, 2014

    As preparation of a debate with Michele Galatola, EC, DG Environment (PRO) and Matthias Finkbeiner, Technical University Berlin (CONTRA) we would like to get a better picture of your concerns/hopes in the discourse. The debate will take place at the 2nd PEF World Summit (1-2 October, Berlin).

    Currently hundreds of organisations are developing specific rules for various product categories – testing the applicability of the product environmental footprint (PEF) method in a 3 year pilot process. The aim of the EU Environmental Footprint Initiative is to provide a basis for potential future environmental policies based on a life cycle approach. Instead of welcoming this initiative several LCA experts regard environmental footprinting rather as a threat, undermining the credibility of life cycle analysis. Supporters see the initiative as an enabler for efficient decision-making and effective environmental communication. What is your opinion?

    Share your thoughts: polania[at]thema1.de

    Articles on PEF discussion: