PEF Food Conference


06-07 May 2014, Schwanenwerder Inselstraße 27, 14129 Berlin
International conference on Environmental Footprinting in the food & drink sector.

At the PEF Food Conference Imola Bedo from the European Commission presented the freshly selected 11 PEF pilot projects for the food & drink sector. With this second wave, the selection process of the Environmental Footprint Pilot Project now is complete. Till 2016/17 more than 300 leading stakeholders involving hundreds of participants, will develop specific rules for product categories and organisation sectors. On the basis of the outcomes of the pilot phase further decisions on the integration into EU environmental policies will be taken.

The new participants will start their work in June 2014. To learn about the selection criteria, the leading stakeholders and the special conditions for some of the pilots, have a look at the presentation below.

Impressions of the PEF Food Conference can be viewed here.

Download pdf.

Background information on the Environmental Footprint Process can be found here.

View the album from the PEF Food Conference below for an insight and impressions

Final Programme Update:

After the publication of the selected pilot projects of the environmental footprint pilot process in the food & drink sector we can now reveal the categories and speakers that are included in the programme of the PEF Food Conference:

  • Beer | Paul Bruijn, Heineken
  • Packed Water | Philippe Diercxsens, Danone Waters
  • Pasta | Filippo Sessa, Union of Organizations of Manufactures of Pasta Products (UNAFPA)
  • Meat | Giuseppe Luca Capodieci, European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV)
  • Dairy | Hélène Simonin-Rosenheimer, European Dairy Association (EDA)
  • Animal Feed | Nicolas Martin, European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC)

Find the list of all selected projects at the European Commission project website.


Programme download (pdf)

Confirmed Speakers

  • Camillo De Camillis, FAO Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership
  • Luke Upchurch, Consumers International
  • Imola Bedo, DG Environment, European Commission (Video Conference)
  • Nicolas Martin, EU Sustainable Consumption and Production Food Roundtable & FEFAC
  • Martin Bortzmeyer, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, France
  • Ulf Jaeckel, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany
  • Clare Southworth, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), UK
  • Anita Lundström, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Philippe Diercxsens, Danone Waters
  • Paul Bruijn, Heineken
  • Giuseppe Luca Capodieci, European Livestock and Meat Trading Union
  • Hélène Simonin-Rosenheimer, European Dairy Association
  • Filippo Sessa, Union of Organizations of Manufactures of Pasta Products (UNAFPA)
  • Michael Ooms, Technical Helpdesk of the EU Environmental Footprint Pilot Phase & RDC
  • Mark Goedkoop, Technical Helpdesk of the EU Environmental Footprint Pilot Phase & Pré
  • Frederic Vermeiren, Colruyt
  • Adreas Ciroth, GreenDelta
  • Euan Murray, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC)
  • Rupert Lange, SAP
  • Martin Wildenberg, Friends of the Earth Austria/GLOBAL 2000
  • Daniel Hires, Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Guido Axmann, Think-Do-Tank THEMA1
  • Jacob Bilabel, Think-Do-Tank THEMA1
  • Jan Christian Polania Giese, PEF World Forum

Why attend?

  • Get informed about the environmental footprint acitivities in the food & drink sector
  • Meet and connect with the relevant stakeholders of the process
  • Find partners to benefit from synergies and jointly work on challenges
  • Learn about similarities and differences of environmental footprinting and other approaches to measure, implement and communicate product sustainability

Who was there?

  • Producers & processors from the food, feed and drink sector
  • Manufacturers of food-related products like sector packaging, fertilizer or food additives
  • Members and participants of the EU Environmental Footprint Pilot process
  • Policy-makers from EU & non-EU countries
  • Food & beverage associations
  • Consumer and environmental NGOs
  • LCA experts from public and private scientific institutions
  • Consultants for business solutions

Questions concerning the programme? Please contact: polania[at]




The EU Environmental Footprint Pilot Phase

Presentation by Michele Galatola (European Commission/ DG Environment)