DVD Documentation

Product Carbon Footprinting:
On the Road to Harmonisation?
2nd PCF World Summit 2009, Berlin, 23-24 September 2009


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Bonus: additional interviews with:

  • Nadia Boeglin, Ministry of Sustainable Development, France, on “The French legislative approach to PCF in the frame of the Grenelle bills” (French with English subtitles)

List of Speeches and Presentations:


1. Pavel Misiga, DG Environment, European Commission, on “The role of Product Carbon Footprinting in European climate policy”

Approaches to Carbon Footprinting and Consumer Communication

2. Cornelia Diethelm, Migros, Switzerland, on: “Labelling top-runner products on climate change: The way forward”

3. Stefan Dierks, Tchibo, Germany, on: “Footprinting key products as part of Tchibo´s overall climate strategy”

4. Jeffrey D. Rice, Wal-Mart Sustainability Consortium, USA, on: “Engaging suppliers and customers: The upcoming Wal-Mart Sustainability Index”

5. Corinne Mercadie, Casino, France, on: “L’Indice Carbone: Preparing for mandatory environmental labelling in France”

6. Yumie Kawashima, Aeon Group, Japan, on: “Aeon’s Global Warming Prevention Declaration and Consumer Awareness Promotion Activities”

Pilot Projects and Joint Initiatives

7. Claudia Sprinz, Greenpeace, Austria, on: “Carbon labelling at Zurueck zum Ursprung as part of 1.000.000 actions for climate protection”

8. Christian Hochfeld, PCF Project/Institute for Applied Ecology, Germany, on: “PCF Project Germany: platform for climate conscious consumption”

9. Robin Dickinson, Carbon Trust, UK, on: “Carbon Trust: ensuring consistency in PCF beyond existing standards”

10. Prof. Dr. Sven-Olof Ryding, Swedish Environmental Management Council, Sweden, on: “Experiences with the Swedish climate declarations scheme”

Insight Into Future Developments in PCF

11. Ralf-Martin Mueller, TÜV Rheinland Group, Germany, on: “Challenges and prospects of certification in product carbon footprinting”

PCF World Forum Future Outlook

12. Rasmus Priess, THEMA1/PCF World Forum, Germany


13. Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner, Technical University Berlin, Germany and UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative Carbon Footprint Project, on: “The future of product carbon footprinting: where should we go from here?”

International Standardisation Efforts in Product Carbon Footprinting

14. Cynthia Cummis, WRI/WBCSD, Switzerland/USA, on: “The GHG Protocol contribution to international harmonisation in Product Carbon Footprinting”

15. Dr. Klaus Radunsky, Co-Convenor ISO 14067 “Carbon Footprint of Products”, Austria, on: “ISO 14067 ‘Carbon Footprint of Products’ – From Vision to Reality“

Stakeholder Input

16. Frances Way, Carbon Disclosure Project, UK, on: “CDP Supply Chain Programme: experiences, results and future prospects”

17. Luke Upchurch, Consumers International, UK, on: “The consumer’s viewpoint on product carbon footprinting”

Panel/Plenary Discussion on Prospects of International Harmonisation

18. Panel Discussion with:

o Jeffrey D. Rice, Wal-Mart Sustainability Index Consortium, USA

o Cynthia Cummis, GHG Protocol Product and Supply Chain Initiative, USA

o Dr. Klaus Radunsky, ISO 14067 “Carbon Footprint of Products”, Austria

o Luke Upchurch, Consumers International, UK

Open space

19. Summaries and results of the open space discussions

Policy Approaches to Product Carbon Footprinting and Environmental Labelling

20. Pavel Misiga, DG Environment, European Commission, on: “The future role of the European Commission in product carbon footprinting and carbon reporting”

21. Alison Watson, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand, on: “New Zealand GHG Footprinting Strategy – driving consistent approaches to measurement, management and reduction”

22. Chie Nakaniwa, JEMAI, Japan, on: “Carbon Footprint of Products Pilot Project, Japan”


23. Jacob Bilabel, THEMA1, Germany