DVD Documentation

All PCF World Summits are fully documented. Click to get to the DVDs including full documentation or watch individual presentations.

Get the DVDs of the first PCF World Summit 2009 on 26-27 February in Berlin including talks (video) and presentations (PDFs) of:

Tobias Bandel Soil & More, The Netherlands
Andrea Brown WBCSD, Switzerland/USA
Cornelia Diethelm Migros, Switzerland
Volkert Engelsman Nature & More, The Netherlands
Edouard Fourdrin ADEME, France
Stephen Heal Tesco, UK
Kate Hughes defra, UK
Prof Atsushi Inaba AIST, Japan
Dr Ulf Jaeckel German Environment Ministry (BMU), Germany
Pavel Misiga Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission, Belgium
Corinne Picard Casino, France
Rasmus Priess THEMA1, Germany
Dr Klaus Radunsky Austrian Environment Ministry (Umweltbundesamt), Austria
Anna Richert Svenskt Sigill, Sweden
Andrea Smith CDP, UK
Alison Watson Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand

And very useful additional material:

  • Conference impressions
  • Supplementary information on initiatives
  • List of speakers
  • List of attendees

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